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schermata-2016-09-30-alle-09-55-37ORGANIC FARMING IN TENUTA LA NOVELLA SINCE 1996


The only inevitable choice

When Francois Schneider laid his eyes on this unspoilt part of Tuscany, that from about twenty years was going through a neglected state, choosing the organic farming seemed inevitable; the only way forward to restore new life to these places.

Farmlands are insulated by thick wooded areas and are therefore shielded from any external contamination.

Certification for the entire production was obtained in 1998.

Research for natural balance

The altitude allow us to effectively manage the deseases that may attack the crops without to use chemical pesticides or synthetic products.

Good management of grassing and working the land allow us to have fertile and vital soils without the use of any chemical fertilizer.

The result is a more fertile ground, an healthier environment to live and work, and more genuine products for the final consumer.

Since 2009, we introduced some practices taken from the biodynamic philosophy, as further investigation of the biological method.

Guardians of biodiversity

The ground we work is completely under our care and it’s our responsability to hand it on to future generation as it has been handed down to us.