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schermata-2016-09-30-alle-09-55-37THE HISTORY OF THE TUSCAN ESTATE


Shaped by the hand of human activity for centuries, Tuscany is a seamless landscape of olive groves, vineyards and open fields where Cyprus trees line the roadsides leading to estates, like those following the length of the route to the gates of Villa de Tenuta la Novella.

You need time to wander through this magnificent landscape, a symbol of a gentler life, and discover vestiges of a dazzling artistic heritage: Florence, Sienne, Pisa, San Gimignano, Volterra…

During the 13th century, was founded on the hills of San Polo in Chianti, the convent of San Bartolomeo in order to receive the sisters “Agostiniane di Santa Croce”. The watchtower used to control the access to Florence by the Ema valley already existed. It is on this base that the mother superior apartment, the refectory, the dormitory, the cloister and the chapel were built.

Accross the 19th century, the convent endure great transformations. In 1808, Napoléon seized the possessions of the clergy.

From this event, a big farm property was born and in 1827, the domain changed his name for “La Novella” which means “The New”, “The Reborn”. Until the 20th century, different owners succeed one another. Into the 70’s, due to no direct successor, the last owner let the domain abandoned.

In 1996, “Tenuta La Novella” was purchased by La Société des Domaines, ten years of building renovation and plots restoration were necessary to give back to this exceptional place her former times soul.